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Lee is the Executive Director for the Great Lakes Outdoors Foundation, and lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Lee is also a Licensed Michigan Security Guard. Lee was the Chairman of the MCRGO Political Action Committee (MCRGOPAC), and is a Life Member of the NRA. Lee is a Training Counselor and certified to teach NRA Courses for students and Instructor Training in Certified Shotgun, Certified Pistol, Certified Rifle, Personal Protection in the Home (CPL), Personal Protection Outside the Home, Reloading (Metallic and Shot shell), Home Firearm Safety, and is a Chief Range Safety Officer. As an NRA Training Counselor, Lee can teach and certify Instructors in all of these courses. He has taught NRA courses for over 14 years in Michigan. Lee has attended Front Site Firearms Training Academy in Nevada, and is a Graduate of Massad Ayoob MAG-40 Handgun Class. An avid hunter of Deer, Black Bear, Upland Birds, Turkey, and other small game. Lee also likes to fish, and enjoys traveling to camp in the Upper Peninsula. In the past Lee has been active in Michigan Firearms issues, and legislation, and also shoots Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays.



Shari is a Instructor in Personal Protection in the Home (CPL-CCW), Personal Protection Outside the Home, Certified Range Safety officer and a Refuse to be a Victim Instructor. Shari is an advocate for empowering individuals to be vigilant in protecting themselves, creating self-awareness and upholding the 2nd Amendment. As the mother of 3 and wife of a firefighter/AEMT husband, she is accustomed to “holding down the fort” while her husband is on long shifts or goes into action when called. Shari believes in always having a plan and knowing how to follow through if need be and is passionate about teaching women (and men) these techniques through the NRA’s Refuse to be a Victim seminar. She works full time at a job she loves, enjoys health and fitness related activities, target shooting, the outdoors and spending time with her family.


The Daisy Red Ryder B.B. gun was the first. At age 9, it was the Remington single shot, bolt action 22 cal. Mid to late teens, it was a .410 shot gun and a lever action 30/30. In my 20’s, in the USMC, it was the M-14, the M-16 and the Colt 1911 45. Seven (7) years, having served as a platoon commander and a company commander of RECON units in the RVN. As a Captain in the USMC, it was time to change professions. After a successful caeer in the construction business, it’s gone full circle. Ever the student and a practitioner, it’s time to be the teacher, passing on proper gun safety with knowledge from experience and respect for the second amendment. C.P.L. holder; NRA PPITH instructor; NRA PPOTH instructor; NRA Range Safety officer; GUNSITE Academy; Fowler’s Home on the Range Critical Thinking Class.