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We are an experienced team of Certified NRA Instructors, and the Lawyers (not law enforcement) we use are all experienced in the area of firearms and concealed carry in their practices. You will get all the information to be knowledgeable & comfortable with the law, your handgun and the use of Deadly Force. We have instructed over 5000 students in Firearms classes over the past 12 years.

MCCT teaches the National Rifle Associations (NRA) Personal Protection in the Home (PPITH). This course fulfills the training requirements for the Concealed Pistol License in Michigan. Our course exceeds the Michigan law requirements and the NRA standards. You can bring your own handgun and ammo, or use our handguns and purchase the ammo from us at the class.



We are available to train statewide and surrounding states with an advanced notice and a minimum number of students. Please inquire with one of our instructors for more information. Classes usually start at 8:00am and are over around 5:00pm. This includes class and range time, breaks and lunch. We supply all the required training material and use a professional Power Point presentation. Please feel free to ask our instructors any questions you may have.


We get this question a lot, why is your course different, or more costly?

Its easy, we simply teach the best course in West Michigan. First, we have been teaching longer than all the other popular places in West Michigan, Indoors and Outdoors. We are not a “puppy mill” as some are known for. Our classes are smaller with lots of instructors so you get more attention. Many instructors in the area came from our Training Counselors (we trained them). We have taught for a combined 35 years (NRA Courses). Also, at Michigan Concealed Carry we take the necessary time to train you prior to class, we teach the NRA Curriculum as its supposed to be taught with no shortcuts, and we hire an experienced Attorney to teach the legal lesson. Many courses do not comply with the minimum requirements, even though they say so. Ask if they use an Attorney, how many rounds will be fired (should be at least 96), if you are a beginner will they train you prior to class? If you already have your CPL, or know someone who has theirs already, ask them these questions:

Can you carry in the following places with your Michigan Concealed Pistol License?

  • Meijers
  • Post Office
  • Churches
  • Woodland Mall
  • Gerald R. Ford Airport
  • Cabela’s
  • McDonalds
  • Butterworth Hospital
  • Kent County Courthouse
  • Your Vehicle
  • High Schools
  • Your Place of Business
  • Where can I Open Carry?
  • What if I travel out of state?

Many times students leave a class and can’t answer these simple questions after spending an entire day at the class. Wouldn’t you want to know these simple things? We take the time to explain all these important things in our classroom, and you will shoot a full 96 rounds during our Range Time. Three of our Instructors have Military experience, some with combat experience, and we have a female instructor.

Our Students experience after the class is important to us also. After training over 5000 students, we know of some, (at least) 10 that have used their firearms in Self Defense. None of our students have been charged with a crime. Ask your Instructor if they can provide those stats? CPL Holders going to a quality class with good legal training know better than to use their firearm only when its the last resort. The law requires 8 hours of combined class and range time, if your getting out in the middle of the afternoon you are being shortchanged.

Our Staff includes 2 NRA Training Counselors (we Train the Trainers), and two Advanced Pistol Instructors (Personal Protection Outside the Home).